What I do

My project Breathe Outdoors provides an integrative approach supporting Young People with their Mental Health. I have successfully supported young people with anxiety, depression, social, emotional and behavioural differences, low self-esteem, confidence, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder and some cases of Autism. However, these programmes are not exclusive to these differences and I aim to offer support to all within my qualifications and experience. 

How I do it

The programs I offer are active, adventurous, nature based, experiential, reflective and discussion focused and can be adapted to suit any educational setting or available outdoor environments. The programmes can include such activities as indoor climbing, mountain biking, navigation and usually take place on a one to one basis.

With each young person I aim to create a supportive environment through these principles;

  • Protect – Through play (challenge), acceptance, curiosity and empathy
  • Relate – Staying with the Young Person’s (YP) emotional intensity, containment and soothing where necessary
  • Regulate – Validation of YP’s feelings, talking, sensory work, mindfulness and connections with nature 
  • Reflect – Making sense of YP’s experiences, emotional (psycho) education, space to verbalise or symbolise feelings and supporting trauma to move from being unbearable to manageable. 
  • Supported by an Emotionally Available and Attuned Adult (EAA) and Team Around the Child in a natural non-judgemental environment. I practise a Trauma & Mental Health Schools approach.

Please get in touch to find out about full program details