Thank for you taking an interest Breathe Outdoors and what we have to offer, please take the time to read the following.

Breathe Outdoors does not offer courses as a substitute for any professional mental health care and is not a medical or health services organisation, nor is practitioner (Kate Ryley) a medical professional. Any courses Breathe Outdoors provides or any literature we have published, be that on our website or written documentation, is not intended as a method of diagnosing medical or psychiatric conditions or giving advice on how to best treat such conditions. Breathe Outdoors endeavours to keep any information up to date and relevant, providing a general resource for daily living. However we make no concrete warranties as to the accuracy, reliability or suitability of any information published. Any reliance you place on such information is done so at your own risk.

At no point will Breathe Outdoors be liable for any loss or damage arising out of a clients own interpretation or practices into mindfulness, meditation and relaxation in outdoor spaces. Breathe Outdoors (Kate Ryley) will work under strict professional guidelines as a practitioner (SMARTfoundations) whilst being Insured by Oxygen Insurance for Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation practices and AIM Insurance for outdoor adventurous activities.

If clients have not followed clear instruction or guidance from their instructor Breathe Outdoors does not accept any responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from seeking out natural adventurous locations or activities in the clients own time or during any courses held by Breathe Outdoors. Breathe Outdoors is not a provider of high risk activities, however courses cannot completely be free from risk, as the very nature of outdoors spaces can hold potential risk. Every effort is made to manage and continually assess any risk that may arise. Clients of Breathe Outdoors accept sole responsibility when participating in seeking out outdoor environments and adventurous activities and the potential risk they may hold.

The relationship between any Breathe Outdoors Practitioners and clients is not of a doctor patient nature. Breathe Outdoors practitioner (Kate Ryley) is a facilitator of relaxation and stress reduction techniques through practising mindfulness and meditation. Any mental health issues, existing conditions or medication must be discussed with your mental health professional prior to booking on any courses. The decision to whether Breathe Outdoors courses are suitable must also be decided upon with your medical professional prior to booking, as Breathe Outdoors is not covered by Health Insurance.

Any information you provide to Breathe Outdoors is strictly confidential and will only be shared with your doctor if serious concerns about your mental health are highlighted, please see Breathe Outdoors Terms & Conditions and GDPR compliance.

Furthermore Breathe Outdoors is not responsible for the content of any external links from Breathe Outdoors’ website.