Client Feedback

We are very happy and blessed to have had some wonderful feedback from clients. Please read on to see what they have said.

“Kate made everything easy to understand and follow the course throughout.”

“The breathing / meditation exercises and invitation to take time out for myself to relax and unwind, taking time to be quiet and focus my thoughts was fantastic… Also, to appreciate nature more and spending quiet time outdoors certainly gave me a feeling of calm and well being.”

“It was good to enter into conversation with other members of the group on their thoughts and feelings as we progressed through the course. I feel Kate facilitated and encouraged this perfectly.”

“Time seemed to go very quickly. I think the balance of the course was spot on.”

“With Kate’s guidance I found it very easy to relax and follow her instruction.”

“The course was super chilled, with a lovely bunch of people! The relaxed environment made it easy to talk about experiences and ask questions. 2 hours flew by!”

“Kate gave us so many resources and always followed up with emails full of info which was really useful.”

“Relaxed environment, lovely people, openness and in-depth conversation around techniques and the science behind your brain! This was a chance to really engage in the meditation which can be hard in every day life. Kate is really knowledgeable! “

“I was worried to start with as I had no idea what it would be like..but it was like a lovely escape from life and allowed breathing space to think deeply and really understand what mindfulness meant.”

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback about either our courses or website, we would love to hear from you.