I created Breathe Outdoors out of the need to see a more accessible, active and natural approach to supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing for young people. Walking, running or paddling side by side with someone who could positively, professionally and warmly support Mental Health, in a natural, non-judgemental and free environment became the beginnings of a new journey.

My Vision

To be available and accessible to young people in their time of need and beyond creating meaningful and positive relationships.

My Mission

To provide an experience that empowers, inspires, brings awareness, understanding and balance inside our minds and bodies, with care, consideration and conservation of our natural world.

My Values ….

To work with true inner nature in connection with ones self and our environment, be guided by the client, research and professional standards.

I care whole heartedly about people and our environment, Breathe Outdoors is for the curious dreamers, the wanderers, the adventurers and the explorers

Kate Ryley – Breathe Outdoors Project Developer

Project Developer Kate Ryley at Breathe Outdoors

My love for the outdoors began with family camping trips and hanging out of trees as a child. From then on I’ve been hooked on the outdoors and exploring all it has to offer. That passion has continued to fuel my career in the outdoor adventure industry beginning over 15 years ago at University, studying Sports Science and Outdoor Adventure. Since graduation I have continued to gain qualifications in multiple land and water based outdoor adventure activities and taught in Schools, Colleges and Outdoor Centres, working with people of a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Through the years I have been fortunate to travel to some amazing places and these experiences of being in nature, the sun on my face and the wind against my cheeks, have had such a positive, powerful effect on my life I’ve wanted to share that experience with others, and so the early concept of Breathe Outdoors was born. In 2016 I began my journey into the practises of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation qualifying as SMARTfoundations Coach (Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques). Further qualifications include becoming a Trauma and Mental Health Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider. These practises have shaped my vision for Breathe Outdoors, which aims to marry the benefits of being outdoors, on an educational, personal, social and emotional level with the benefits of a more supportive and therapeutic approach to life.

Breathe Outdoors logo

My logo combines the symbolism of the lotus flower; purity, spiritual awakening, faithfulness and beauty with imagery of the sun and mountains, representing freedom and exploration, whether physical or psychological.  These meanings are reflected in ‘Breathe Outdoors’ ethos and values which I try to uphold both in business and life.

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